Map color scales strongly impact the interpretation of a map and impact its accessibility, legibility, and visual interest. WebGeoDa provides a collection of helpful built-in color scaling standards, and also allows for any custom color scale to be added.

Color Format

All color scales should be arrays of RGB values, like so:
const myColorScale = [
[0,0,0], //r, g, b


ColorBrewer scales, designed by the immeasurable Cynthia Brewer, are available for convenient use in WebGeoDa. Preview these scales below:
When using ColorBrewer scales, you can specify a given scale as shown below:
const variables = [{
variable: 'myVar',
numerator: 'myData',
nProperty: 'myColumn',
binning: 'naturalBreaks',
colorScale: colors.colorBrewer.Reds

GeoDa Spatial Statistics

The official GeoDa color scales are available under colors.geoda and include color scales for LISA data and hinge breaks.