About Webgeoda Scaffolding

WebGeoDa Scaffolding is a set of easy-to-use frontend JavaScript toolkits to get started building and exploring client-side geospatial analytics.

About Webgeoda Scaffolding

What is this thing?

WebGeoDa is a set of tools, templates, and scaffolding to quickly and easily develop geospatial data dashboards. WebGeoDa builds on the GeoDa suite of geospatial software and extends jsGeoDa through accessible and ready-to-go examples.

WebGeoDa capabilities have four areas of complexity. It's easy to learn, but with a high ceiling for customization: ā€šŸ’» Add your geospatial data (GeoJSON), join it to your tabular data (CSV) right in the browser. Specify your variables with a simple JSON specification, and your map is ready to be published!

šŸ“‘ Customize and add static pages to describe your data and the context of your dashboard. WebGeoDa provides some built-in styling tools using Plain CSS and a reasonably approachable JSX, similar to HTML.

šŸ—ŗ Add additional map features using Mapbox and Deck.gl, or explore additional data insights through interactive tooltip and sidebar functions.

šŸ¦ŗ Dive directly into the WebGeoDa scaffolding with full control over custom react hooks, the jsGeoDa WebAssembly + WebWorker geospatial engine, a fast Redux-backed state, and extensible and accessible components.

Here's a demo

What can WebGeoDa do?

WebGeoDa focuses on enabling exploratory data dashboards with complex data, the need for diverse variables, and high performance in-browser analytics. You can make maps with a variety of color-binning techniques and spatial statistical methods, like Hotspot cluster analysis, through a simple JSON based data and variable configuration.

What do I need to get started?

To get started with WebGeoDa, you'll need:

  • Node.jsand know how use the terminal

  • Degit, a package to copy Github repositories (or you can directly fork the WebGeoDa example repository)

  • Some experience with HTML and JSON to get started, JavaScript to dive deeper

Ready to get going? See the Getting Started docs

WebGeoDa is based on Next.js and React, although we've worked to keep much of the syntax as familiar to users of Vanilla Javascript, HTML, and CSS. The ecosystem of JavaScript frameworks has become a complex place, and this project serves as a scaffolding to make jumping in a little bit easier.

License and Ownership

GPL-3 (Gnu Public License)

This project is licensed under GPL-3, meaning you're free to use this for whatever you'd like! However, your project should be shared under the same license.


Very intentionally, WebGeoDa doesn't require your data to be uploaded to an external server, and you control when and where your WebGeoDa dashboard exists. There is no proprietary service that you're connected to, and you can run this locally for your own purposes, on a personal web server, or through a host of different deploying options. Free. Forever.


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